My Stroke (the short version)

I had a stroke a few months ago. At the age of 35 no less. A Subarachnoid Hemorrhage that affected most of the left side of my brain. That pretty much means there was a bleed in my brain, which is considered a hemorrhagic stroke. I didn’t get any help from the medical community since leaving the hospital. I didn’t even know I had a stroke until I found a handout in my discharge papers.

I could tell you all about it. The Thursday before Easter my son needed to go Prom shopping. I had the worst headache and begged for one more day. I promised we would go Friday just please let me lay down today. I hadn’t been feeling well anyway. I thought I had a cold and maybe an ear infection.

Friday came and I put the headache out of my mind somehow. We shopped ALL day. I met up with a friend for coffee. I got some goodies for the kids Easter baskets. It was a good day.

Saturday my headache was back with a vengeance and I felt awful. There was a big Easter celebration at my sister’s house. I opted to stay home and rest.

Sunday I slept. That morning I set an alarm to make sure I set up the kids Easter Baskets. My Mom, who we live with, was going to see her family for easter. I vaguely remember my youngest waking me up to show me what he got and bring me my basket. Then I slept, I slept hard.

Tuesday I woke up confused. My head hurt so bad all I could do was lay in bed and try to text the kids to see what was going on. My youngest said my mom wasn’t home she was supposed to be home that night. My oldest, who is 16 but doesn’t have a license, was out with friends. I thought maybe since I hadn’t been feeling well I had meningitis. I knew something was wrong and I needed help. I made a plan that when my oldest got home he was going to take me to the closest clinic. A great plan to have an unlicensed and practiced child drive me down country roads to the nearest clinic.

My mom got home late Tuesday and my oldest filled her in on the plan. The next day Wednesday my mom took me to the clinic. They sent me to the ER immediately. After some scans and a spinal tap the called in the helicopter to fly me to a different hospital.

Soon I was having an angiogram of my brain done. The bleeding had already stopped and the Dr. couldn’t determine where the bleed had come from or what cause it. I was discharged on Sunday.

My head hurt so bad back at home. I couldn’t sit up any at all or this nausea would set in that would then lead to this overwhelming feeling that I was going to faint. I also had a vasospasm that left me unable to control my right arm for a couple of weeks. I was a mess. Even with my wheeled walker I could barley make it to the bathroom. The bathroom, of course, was the only thing I got out of bed for.

Once the headache went away I decided I was back to normal. I really thought I was. Went back to work and worked my butt off. I only made it 4 months before I decided something was wrong and I needed to quit. That is a whole other story. Maybe I’ll get to it soon.

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